3 thoughts on “Painting on the Silence

  1. Mike, this quote is beautiful. I understand that the canvas to a painter is like the blank page to a writer. And as this quote says, like silence to a musician.

    The impact of life on artists, writers and musicians seems to me to be that which we often need at a given moment. This painting seems to be an appreciation for the stillness of sitting and playing a guitar. And the song: the lyrics says something about “we will not be able to see much of the future” and the song says something after that, but for me those lyrics led to something else. We won’t be able to see much of the future unless we feel the impact of the mixed medial experience. Thanks!

    It is all in 3-d this site: visual, sound, and interesting impressions in words.

    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you for the comments and sharing your impressions – very interesting. For me, taking in the words of Leopold and listening to the music while viewing this excellent painting evokes an emotional response that evolves with each viewing. I find nuances and movement in the painting and come away with more pleasure than I normally would.

      The best part of creating these posts so far, has been the creative process of bringing these three elements together to drive towards a theme that may or may not have existed with each individually. It will be fun to see this experiment evolve.


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