The Lake’s Breath

The Lake's Breath

The Lake's Breath

I feel the cool Autumn breeze on my face and arms as it makes my skirt dance across my knees. It is grandma, of course, giving me a kiss “hello”. She always made these woods come alive with her stories of the wind fairies – and though mom said she was gone now, I know she is here. Her presence is particularly strong as I near the edge of the woods as it spilled into the shore of the lake. I can smell her fragrance emanating from the leaves on the trees as they sway in the breeze all around me. I hear her lyrical voice echo from the waves as they sweep against the shore and carry in the wind all around me. I see her smile reflected as the light glitters across the lakes’ surface.

Yes, grandma – I hear you – I’m fine…

original story fragment

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